Learning to play that ukulele is not a hard thing at all. If you want to learn it with full focus and determination you might be able to play one song at the end of the day. Before starting learning it, it is recommended to watch for videos how someone plays so you can get an idea how to mash your own thing.

First, you must have a ukulele to play,  try to be as comfortable to the frets as possible and play it left if your a right-hander (vice versa). As a beginner you might be so excited to learn and play. So we will start, for a begginer one must start to be comfortable with chords C, F and G7. If you can get change from these 3 chords while making a rhytmic sound without pause then you are now ready to enter in a new phase.

If you can now play those 3 basic chords, things gets easier from this on. Actually the key for a ukulele music is rhthmic strumming so you must invent your own rhythm. In this phase you must learn how to read chords diagram and practice a lot to master B-flat chord.

Third, practice a lot of chords while making a lot rhythmic strumming. At this phase you must have develop humming and probably singing while strumming with chords.

Next, you might be plucking out the strings and making other techniques like twisting the string to make an eeery sound. This phase makes you singing while playing it confidently.

Lastly, practice makes perfect so do it daily to become a good ukulele master.