How to Play

Ukulele is one of the most amazing music instruments in the world. One of the most popular and is right below there with guitars, piano and violin. It is one of the easiest to play and learn having  4 strings and easy chords placement. You can make a soothing and mellow music and with its tiny frame it’s not that heavy at all but don’t be surprise as it can fill up an entire room to make a harmonic music.

Usually our Ukulele comes slack down which means tuned down so that the strings are not tuned tight.

So the standard tuning for a ukulele is from top to bottom of strings are G,C,E,A. First, get a tuner and tune the strings one by one. Now since your ukulele is new and strings are not yet used to its new tension. Try strumming the ukulele as much as possible to get the ukulele strings comfortable. Now that your ukulele are tuned up let’s learn how to strum. Try holding the fret using your left hand. Next try to point on yourself using your right hand in the strumming area while the left hand holds the frets, then stroke your right hand pointing the ground then do it alternately by strumming it with rhythm.

Now we will learn some chords

First we will learn the C chord. Put your ring finger in the bottom string 3rd fret and try it while strumming it in rhythm.

Second we will learn F chord. Put your middle finger place it in the top string 2nd fret then put your pointing finger in the 1st fret 3rd string then do rhythmic strumming.

Last but not least we  will G7 chord. We will put our middle finger in the 2nd string 2nd fret and your ring finger bottom string 2nd fret and put your pointing finger 1st fret 2nd string and strum it rhythmically.

It’s easy to play ukulele and much more easy to learn than guitar.
So grab one now.