Famous People who Plays Ukulele

It should not be surprising that that these people play ukulele. Ukulele is very good vent of your emotion. View some of famous people who play ukulele.

Elvis Presley- He is an American singer and an actor.
Dwayne Johnson- He is American actor and wrestler.
Roy Smeck- American musician who amazingly plays stringed instrument.
Cliff Edwards- HE is an American actor and voice actor who was known as “Ukulele Ike”.
Sara Watkins- She is an American singer and song writer who plays ukulele aside from other instruments.

Julia Nunes- She is famous singer in New York and she primarily plays ukulele.
Zach Condon- He is an American film score composer who plays ukulele.
Jason Castro- She is a Hispanic-American bearing the title “Drummer of the Dallas”.
Wayne Federman- He is an American comedian and musician.
Jens Lekman- He is a Swedish musician whose songs are romantic.
Roger Greenawalt- He is a musician carrying his ukulele everywhere.
Jessica Delfinp- She is singer and musician, and plays flying V ukulele.

There are more people who loves playing ukulele aside from the lists above. There might be people who plays ukulele anywhere. Ukulele is a good stringed instrument though it is very simple but it is not to be part of the stringed instruments. Although it is just 4-stringed instrument, it blends well with the other music sound instruments. Even musicians carry their ukulele with them. We can also play ukulele whenever we want like these famous musicians and artists.