Let’s play Ukulele


After watching a movie taken from Hawaii and you hear the beautiful strum of a small wood crafted that  waves in your ears while at the same time feeling the great ambiance and the breeze of the wind and the wave of the sea . It feels like a perfect harmony that gives you a chilling effect. This is made possible by a small crafted wood that is strummed , played and made music on it. This is called ukulele.

Ukulele came from the family of string instruments and is more popularly known as Uke. Uke is one of the smallest of the string instruments but have made a bigger impact in the world of music. It originated in Hawaii in the 19th century modeling it to machete  of the the Portuguese during the their invasion. Ukulele has 4 strings nylon and makes a soothing sound. It can be carried anywhere as it is not heavy and small in appearance.

Ukulele is usually played with mellow sound and with a very warm voice makes a beautiful harmony. Sometimes it’s liken to reggae but in the mellow sense.
Many artist and performers have used ukulele during concerts and even included it on their music videos.
Surely ukulele just didn’t impact  Hawaii a small island in the west but changed the culture of the World .Even Sungha Jun a known Korean guitarist popular in YouTube with Millions of hits worldwide plays and covers his own ukulele cover sang by international artist.

Ukulele is small but surely terrible.